Glamorous Hair Clip Tutorial




Introduction: Glamorous Hair Clip Tutorial

Crystal beads "Ø about 0.8 cm"
White Pearls "2 sizes" Ø about "0.6 & 0.8 cm
Golden wire
Hair Clips
Organza ribbon
Colored Feathers
Piece of leather

Step 1:

Slide in a pearl into the copper wire. Twist the wire to create a stem-like wire.

Step 2:

Extend one of the wires and slide in another pearl. Twist again the wire.

Step 3:

Extend one of the wires again and slide in a crystal. Keep doing the same steps to create a tree-like twisted wires with pearls and crystals.

Step 4:

Gather your tree-like twisted wires to create one big piece.

Step 5:

Then wrap the wire neatly with a ribbon.

Step 6:

For the hair clip, cut a small circular shape, put on some glue and settle the hair clip at the back and feathers at the front.

Step 7:

Put a good amount of glue, settle the beaded tree or twigs onto the feathers and you're done! 

Hope you like the short tut. I have created a more detailed step by step tutorial and it's available for FREE download with this LINK



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