This is a glass bottle bird feeder.

The bottle was a $1 from the local thrift store and is needed first to get the dimension for the rest of the project. I used cypress as the base wood and hard maple as the accent. The hardest part was trying to clamp up that back piece...
<p>Very Beautiful </p>
<p>I had to laugh when I saw the increasing amount of clampage! Lovely thing to have in the garden, but I don't think it would stay nice looking in the British weather! Good little movie too.</p>
<p>Pretty nice project!</p><p>Suggestions: <br>Maybe add three tiny bits of wood in 120&deg; angles into the feeding bowl to center the bottleneck and some perches for the birds to land/sit on.</p><p>Some small holes in the bottom of the feeding bowl would allow water to drain and prevent rotting of the seeds </p>
<p>Please tell me there is a plan or drawing and instructions somewhere.</p>
<p>Sorry. I just sort of made it up. Once you get a bottle, you can plan the other dimmensions.</p>
<p>I realy liked the feeder. Neverthless the thing that realy amazed me was the workshop!</p>
<p>There is nothing in that shop that wasn't purchased second hand off craigslist. It's a great way to accumulate good tools. </p>
<p>Where I live I would call that a squirrel feeder.</p>
<p>If you've got squirrels, they would love this.... :)</p>
<p>WOW! I love it! </p>
<p>thank you</p>
Great job! I love the way you made the bird feeder. I watched your other videos too...you do great work!
<p>Nice attention to detail! My birdies would love it. I'm going to suggest this ible to a Scout troop for a group project/fundraiser. They have made picnic tables in the past, but not everyone has the big bucks or space for their well-made craftwork.</p>
<p>Cool idea!</p>
<p>Since most bottles are tapered I think it would be better to leave/cut a gap the witdth of the bottles neck instead of a full circle? It would make it easier to set the bottle in place then and no need to feed you finger through the circle.</p>
<p>that would totally work too!</p>
<p>I like this, but It would be nice to have some printable plans to follow. I don't have the greatest speed in downloading videos.</p>
<p>Very nice, I like the detail work on the back piece. Clamps are fun (NOT), but they get the job done.</p><p>How far above the bottom of the &quot;bowl&quot; in the base did you set the lip of the bottle? I'm thinking; too close, it will clog, too far and it'll pour out. </p>
<p>Thank you.<br><br>The lip should be just inside the edge of the seed bowl. I didn't measure it, just kind of eyed it. </p>
<p>Wow, this is such a pretty bird feeder I would feel bad putting it outside! </p>
<p>Thank you! </p>

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