video Glass Bottle Bird Feeder
This is a glass bottle bird feeder.

The bottle was a $1 from the local thrift store and is needed first to get the dimension for the rest of the project. I used cypress as the base wood and hard maple as the accent. The hardest part was trying to clamp up that back piece...
AARENAARON9 months ago

Very Beautiful

throbscottle11 months ago

I had to laugh when I saw the increasing amount of clampage! Lovely thing to have in the garden, but I don't think it would stay nice looking in the British weather! Good little movie too.

confu11 months ago

Pretty nice project!

Maybe add three tiny bits of wood in 120° angles into the feeding bowl to center the bottleneck and some perches for the birds to land/sit on.

Some small holes in the bottom of the feeding bowl would allow water to drain and prevent rotting of the seeds

OutlawKtulu11 months ago

I like this, but It would be nice to have some printable plans to follow. I don't have the greatest speed in downloading videos.

tjesse OutlawKtulu11 months ago
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kludge77 (author)  tjesse11 months ago

I have a more detailed write up here

kludge77 (author)  tjesse11 months ago

You could stop at a local hardware store for the lumber. It shouldn't be very much considering the size is pretty small...

gingerely tjesse11 months ago

A "thrift shop" is a second-hand or used items store. Also known as Goodwill, Salvation Army, ARC. Great place to buy gently used things and the charity gets the money to help others and give the workers a paying job.

jlambert11 months ago

Please tell me there is a plan or drawing and instructions somewhere.

kludge77 (author)  jlambert11 months ago

Sorry. I just sort of made it up. Once you get a bottle, you can plan the other dimmensions.

eavendanho11 months ago

I realy liked the feeder. Neverthless the thing that realy amazed me was the workshop!

kludge77 (author)  eavendanho11 months ago

There is nothing in that shop that wasn't purchased second hand off craigslist. It's a great way to accumulate good tools.

cyberdove11 months ago

Where I live I would call that a squirrel feeder.

kludge77 (author)  cyberdove11 months ago

If you've got squirrels, they would love this.... :)

thebeatonpath11 months ago

WOW! I love it!

kludge77 (author)  thebeatonpath11 months ago

thank you

cjdeere11 months ago
Great job! I love the way you made the bird feeder. I watched your other videos do great work!
kludge77 (author)  cjdeere11 months ago


gingerely11 months ago

Nice attention to detail! My birdies would love it. I'm going to suggest this ible to a Scout troop for a group project/fundraiser. They have made picnic tables in the past, but not everyone has the big bucks or space for their well-made craftwork.

kludge77 (author)  gingerely11 months ago

Cool idea!

hossmonkey11 months ago

Since most bottles are tapered I think it would be better to leave/cut a gap the witdth of the bottles neck instead of a full circle? It would make it easier to set the bottle in place then and no need to feed you finger through the circle.

kludge77 (author)  hossmonkey11 months ago

that would totally work too!

mnmama12 months ago

Very nice, I like the detail work on the back piece. Clamps are fun (NOT), but they get the job done.

How far above the bottom of the "bowl" in the base did you set the lip of the bottle? I'm thinking; too close, it will clog, too far and it'll pour out.

kludge77 (author)  mnmama12 months ago

Thank you.

The lip should be just inside the edge of the seed bowl. I didn't measure it, just kind of eyed it.

Wow, this is such a pretty bird feeder I would feel bad putting it outside!

kludge77 (author)  Danger is my middle name12 months ago

Thank you!