Glass Bottle Match Holder and Strike





Introduction: Glass Bottle Match Holder and Strike

Just a cute little way to hold your matches for use and retro decoration.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Only a few simple materials.
 - I found this lovely little green glass medicine bottle in an antiques shop for just £3, any small bottle will do why not try ebay for cheap options.
 - Matches and an old match box with the strike strip
 - Scissors
 - Rag (optional)
 - Glue 

Step 2: Adding the Strike Strip

Using your scissors cut out a strip of the striking paper bit of the match box, to the size you want. 

My bottle was hexagonal so cut a piece to fit one of the sides.

On another matchbox was a matching brand name so I just cut that out too.

   * It's not essential to have a multi-sided bottle, as long as the strike strip is paper you can bend it around any shape.

Using Pritt-Stick or PVA glue the reverse sides and apply to the glass. 

Wrap a rubber band around to keep tight and in place while the glue dries - about 5 minutes

Step 3: Optional Stuffing

The matches I had at hand were too short and didn't poke out the neck so I decided to fill the bottle half way with some material. This can also be done with sand or tissue/coloured crepe paper, but you could always just buy the extra long safety matches.

I just cut the material into strips and stuffed them into the bottle using a pencil, until a point where I was happy with the way they stuck out.

Step 4: Easy-Peasy

All you need to do now is fill with the remaining matches, remove or cut the rubber band and that's you finished :)

Adds a perfect touch of uniqueness to your house, thanks for reading and feel free to comment



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    some weeks ago I made a big matchbox of an altoids tin, because I needed all the little matchboxes for chrismas decoration ;-) Your bottle is much nicer but it holds only a few matches.

    picture 1

    4 replies

    Great idea :) Yeah that's a flaw I came across that I have to keep refilling it.

    Oh well, that will keep you busy over the winter months! LOL. Larger bottles with screw on caps (thinking vinegar bottles) would hold more matches, and keep them dry.
    I'm not sure about the safety of allowing the matches to rub against each other as you pour them out to get one to light, any other comments on this issue?

    I used safety matches which can't ignite by themselves, only when struck with the phosphorus strip, I think the above are strike anywhere matches (pink heads) which could potentially combust by themselves when moved about.

    I'm no chemist so I could be wrong.


    Generally the strike anywhere ones are pink with a white dot on the very tip.

    This a perfect gift idea, for something small, cute and special

    I really like the Instructable. It is an attractive piece that I think I might build at some point to put near the wood stove or in the kitchen. I like that it has both form and function, especially in our house. Not exactly for camping/backpacking/bugging out, but would be awesome in the house.

    Keep up the good work.

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    Not as convenient as a zippo I must admit, but I love mine and I hope you get around to making and loving your own :)

    That looks really nice! We always light a candle for dinner and this will make a nice decoration. Thank you!

    That is such a cute idea! So much more pleasing to the eye than just a plain box of matches :)

    1 reply

    Thank you very much, I'm glad I can share my makes with everyone. Many thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it :)