Step 2: Prepare The Lid

Picture of Prepare The Lid
Step 02 - Lid Bottom.jpg
Remove the metal screw-on cap and get to work poking a hole in the center of it with your sharp poking implement. Be careful doing this, as it's possible for the implement to break through suddenly, and you don't want a pierce your hand by accident. In fact, you probably don't want to pierce your hand at all. So go slowly - a twisting motion works well, or, if you have a drill handy, you can just use that and save yourself time and energy.
MEMJIM4 years ago
Great info Sappho, Thanks a Bunch. oh yeah, relative to Hycros' question, did ya' flick your Bic on the first date?
Hycro4 years ago
Did you place confidence in a personal relationship like the cap says?