Instruction on how to blow the bottom out of most glass bottles.

Step 1: Getting the Items...

First and foremost. Do not attempt this unless you fully understand the risks and dangers behind it. It is not as easy as it looks. Glass can break and shatter if hit wrong of getting mad and throwing it cutting your hands or wrists. The force you hit the glass with, applied to the wrong part of your hand, can break it. Make sure you have band aids nearby and gauze. I personally would recommend this only to adults, being the higher strength they can produce, and nothing against the children, but they assume responsibility a lot quicker than younger folks.

Items needed for this project....
1. A Glass Bottle
2. Water
3. The cap to the glass bottle
4. Any safety precautions you wish.
u copied me?
No, I'd say he improved on an existing idea.
this is neat.ill have to show this one to my boyfrinds lil brother he likes dangerous things. if you actually want to get the bottom out of a bottle and use it for something, put a nail in the bottle and shake it around for a while, the bottom will fall out at some piont and it will be a nice circular shape.
hows that work? it sounds interesting.
ummmm....where do you hit it?
you must hit on the top of the bottle
this is a cool trick,i got it 1 time to work but never since then
I have done this before and it is quite fun. But instead of sacrificing my hand to pieces of glass I use something much more potentially dangerous, a rubber mallet. This is a great thing to do when you've got a whole bunch of glass bottles lying around (that used to conatain root beer of course) and a mallet. :)
I thought this would involve fire.... Highly hazardous, not sure I grapsed why one would find this useful (given what your broken bottle looks like). What are you doing with the pieces? L
hella tight ~good instructable
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I suspect you're right rimar2000! Next year, <strong>How to Pop a Balloon!</strong><br/>
Looks like the how to make ice one came a bit too early.
I think i\I've heard of this before, doesn't it have to do with the difference between how fast a force travels through water and air?
Just one problem, you've forgotten to mention where exactly you hit the bottle. The cap? Other than that good instructable
SWEET! Danger! I must atempt this! haha ya. i just dont want to mame my hand... cause i gotta play guitar! Good, clear instructions though. ~Jhalek90

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