Glass Cake Stand




Introduction: Glass Cake Stand

I love the elegant look cake stands give to food. I like to have cake stands in different sizes and heights. This cake stand is super easy to make and looks very elegant.

Step 1: Materials

Homemade dome (i used this tutorial to make it)

White round plate

Glass cup

Cold silicon

Disposable spoon

Step 2: Cold Silicon

Put some cold silicone in your disposable spoon and spread it all over the glass cup's base. This layer of silicone has to be even because as the glass cup is transparent you can see trough it if there's bubbles inside.

Step 3: Glue

Place your plate upside down in a flat surface. Put your cup right in the center of your plate and press down firmly.

Let the glue set for around 4 hours.

Step 4: Ready!

Now your cake stand is ready to be used, doesn't it look beautiful with glass on top and glass in the bottom?

Hope you love it too!



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