I was looking for a better way to store my glass carboys for brewing. I like to hang stuff like ladders, 2x4 storage, pipe storage in the rafters in the garage and i thought that may be a good solution for the carboys too. They hang a bit low but as long as you put them towards the walls or in corners or over rifrigerators, you don't run into them too often. Hanging them also makes them more secure than just setting them on shelves or on top your fridge. This also allows them to drip dry without the water puddling. I've been using these for over a year now without any problems or breakages. I can't account for every material you may use so be careful.

You dealing with glass carboys and power tools. Keep them away from eachother while building. the carboys are dangerous enough as is. Be carful when hanging them and especially when getting them down. A ladder or step stool is the best bet if you can't reach your ceiling. There are plenty of horror stories about people almost dieing from broken carboys. Please be careful. Do no hange full carboys. This meathod is meant for empty ones to hang for drying and storage. Not for full ones for transfering liquids.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Double Loop #3 Chain with 90lb. load limit (yes overkill but if it's worth doing right, it's worth overdoing)
PVC pipe union - 3" for a 3 gallon, 4" for a 5 gallon and 6" for a 6.5 gallon
1/4"x1" bolts, Nuts, washer and lock washers - 3 each for 3 gallon 4 each for others
S-hooks to match the size of the chain - 3 for 3 gallon and 4 for others
2 threaded quicklinks (optional, shown in second pic)
carabiner or clip of some sort for top. Make sure it fits the chain or quicklink if your using one
Ceiling hook to install in garage to hang hanger from. Not the cheap realy thin ones.

Marker and ruler for layout
mini-bolt cutter or diagonal cutter for chain
pliers for S-hooks
box wrench and phillips head for bolts
awl or small finish nail setter to help the drill bit not slip
Drill and bits (1/4" bit)
I could see the integration of old garden hose pieces on this...
as bumpers on the chains against the carboy? Interesting if that's where you were going with that. The main upgrade i've thought of was to add some sort of airflow into the carboy while hanging to dry it faster. In the humid summer here in Illinois, the garage isn't always the quickes area to dry things out.
Exactly what I was thinking. To cover the chains and reduce any scratching or clanging.

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Bio: If it's worth doing right, it's worth overdoing.
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