This is a wall decoration I created to go with my blue and silver Christmas theme. It was very simple And cost about $50 total. At the end of this instructable I have a picture of how I changed the shelves for Valentines day. These are the tools you will need.

Step 1: Materials

These are the tools you will need: drill, tape measure, level. Optional stud finder

Materials include:
8 shelf brackets with mounting hardware, 8 glass shelves, one string of Christmas lights, 25 to 30 orphans (single pieces of stemware)
<p>Just saw this and it is great. I can't wait to try this. Just think green for St Pat, orange for Halloween, browns for Thanksgiving......</p>
Awesome! So simple yet dramatic. Thank you for sharing.
<p>That looks so cute! I wonder how many other holidays you could adapt it for :D</p>

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