This clock incorporates LEDs and mirrors behind a glass face.  There were 20 or 30 different glass panes to choose from at the hobby store, but I chose this one because of its texture and unique light reflections.  In this instructable, you might learn one or more of the following: how to drill a hole in glass, and how to build a simple LED circuit. 

I live in a desert climate.  It's very dry here.  The adhesive methods I use for this clock may not work very well in a humid climate.  I didn't have to worry about this so the construction here does not account for humidity.

I was inspired to make this unique variation of a clock because of the simple clock by instructables member Dipanker,
My clock would have been just as simple, I think, if not for the idea to use glass, and then mirrors --- and I decided 12V DC would be safer for my kiddos than 220v :)  props to him, though, for making me want to make a clock of my own.

As always, as I undertake a new challenge I am reminded that DIY from scratch is always a challenge, takes way longer than I initially anticipate,  (seriously, my wife makes fun of me all the time because my 1 hour projects turn into 2 day ventures), is more fun to build, and if you have to buy every last item, DIY tends to cost more too ;)  I had a lot of this stuff already, but here's a list otherwise: 

What you will need:
First the electronics:
  LED lights, 16 of them ($4 from ebay)
  quartz clock mechanism (hobby store, $6)
  12 V DC power supply (www.goldmine-elec.com 12v supply, $3)
  330 ohm resistors, 8 of them (radioshack, $1-$3)
  DC jack (radioshack, $3)
  wiring (I used bell wire, $3 for 60+ feet of it)
  PCB board (radioshack, $2)

The hardware:
12 x 12 glass pane (hobby store, $5)
5/16" diamond-tipped drill bit (home improvement store had a kit with it, $10)
hardboard (home improvement store, $5)
wood trim, rectangle cube (home improvement store $8)
Duct tape (any desired color, $4)
mirrors (24 pack, $2)
Super Glue, I used E6000 ($3-5)
Blue paper ($1)
Glue stick ($1)
Handitack (?, I had this for years)

Other supplies and tools needed (some optional):
Miter saw
small screws
soldering iron
Hot glue gun
tiny drill bits
plastic numbers ($3)
measuring tape

Estimated cost to build all this from scratch: $50 to $80
My cost to build it after deciding to build it (I own junk):  $35

Hopefully this inspires you to make your own variation of a clock.  Thanks for looking, I hope you learn something!

Step 1: Making the Cuts

The standoff pieces were 5/8" thick.

Place the glass on the hardboard and trace it.  The glass is never a perfect square, so mark the board in some way to know which is the top, and mark the glass with masking tape to tell you the same.  When buying the glass try to find the one that is the most square.

Cut the board out.  Cut the little standoff pieces, and you're done with the cutting.
<p>That looks really neat.</p>
Bitchin,I really like this,awesome job.
This is so beautiful!!! im gonna make one during summer :) wish me luck!
Good luck! Thank you for looking, I appreciate it.
This is an absolutely beautiful clock and relatively simple to make! <br>Great, great work!
Thanks, I appreciate it. and your profile name is hilarious.
Wonderful clock, duggerpato.
You're welcome!
It looks ok in the dark but not to good in the light and most people use there clocks when its day. What I'm trying to say is the idea is ok but it's a clock that looks bad when you use it is not worth 80$ I'm not trying to be hurt-full whatsoever I'm just giving my opinion.
Tell you what, though, I haven't put up a picture in the daytime yet, so I will take one and add it in on Monday. The iridescent glass makes it look alright, in my opinion (of course I made it, so I'm partial).
Opinions are okay. Not everyone can like everything, right? My wife loves it. I have it on all day, and mostly use it at night. It's nothing too special in bright daylight. I had planned on getting a router to frame it in proper and not just have duct tape so it would look great during the day too, but money was my enemy this time, because I don't own a router yet :) Thanks for the feedback.
hi this is bubblebuddy777 creator of the mosaic clock. I think this is really great. i probably have a bad chance of succeeding through this contest since you uploaded that brilliant clock but O`well<br>I just want to say awesome clock and good luck.
Thanks, I appreciate that. Actually I was happy the glass didn't break when I drilled it or I would have been making a mosaic clock -- and I would have been using your 'ible to do it, because I'm not too familiar with glass. Yours is a well written instructable, I think. Good luck too.
thanks! :)<br>
Very creative and well instructed. I'm going to try it.<br>
Thank you, that's great to hear. Let me know if I can give any suggestions if you run into any hiccups.
I tried it and it failed. A complete waste of 70$. I am so disappointed!
It didn't fail, you did. But you only failed if you give up!<br><br>Hey, so you tell me you tried making it and it didn't work? What part of the project whooped you? If the glass broke, you can make a mosaic like the mosaic glass clock (look it up on the site) or if the soldering got out of hand, I can talk you through that too. Let me know, don't just give up!<br><br>I see you're 17. When I was 20 I went to south america and couldn't understand anyone. But I looked around and saw a bunch of other guys who couldn't speak spanish when they got there either. I figured if they can do it, I can do it. Months later, I was speaking spanish. I apply that to life. I'm a coal miner. It's the hardest job I've ever had in my life. But there were 200 other men down there who'd been doing it for years. If they can do it, I can do it. So I didn't quit. 6 years later, I like my job.<br><br>If you can't do this project, just find one you can do, or keep trying to get it right. You can do it, I did. I made this up off the top of my head, you can find a way to make it work for you, trust me. Sorry about the speech, I just saw that you're young and didn't want to you just abandon all hope and stuff :)
TOTally sweet, man, that looks awesome! Great job! :D
Thanks! I like how it turned out, I was crossing my fingers until I turned it on :)
This is really beautiful!! Great job on the instructions too. You've inspired me; I will be attempting one in the near future :)

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