Glass Etching With Sandblasting and Acid Cream





Introduction: Glass Etching With Sandblasting and Acid Cream

This is a video I made awhile back which shows some of the different types of glass etching.

Basically shows me sandblasting a cup in one and using acid cream in the other to personalize glass.  I prefer the sandblasting method but there are cool things you can do with both of them.

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Comments and questions are welcomed!  Actually they are encouraged :)




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    The stencil used, is this vinyl? If so, what software do you use and what type of cutter? I find that we cannot get great detail cuts with our cutter but does great work. We use a film instead but find it to be very expensive and just looking for other alternatives. Any suggestions? Any ideas on how to adjust my cutter to get better detail cuts?

    Just bought a heavy duty Sears sandblaster (electric). Will that work well?

    "Basically it shows me sandblasting a glass in one and using acid cream etching in the other" should probably read:
    "Basically shows me sandblasting a glass bottle in the first part and using acid cream etching in the second."

    how many presar of sand to bottle ?

    Thanks for all the comments :)

    Feel free to ask any questions.


    What type of sandblaster are you using?

    I prefer to use the hinge method when applying the vinal decals, it gives you much more control on positioning the decal, check out my Ible on applying vinal decals.

    Thanks Dr Qui,

    I was using a pressure pot sandblaster.

    I agree the hinge method is the way to go. I used this way because it was a smaller stencil so it didn't matter to me.

    I once had a sand blaster, now it's gone and this looks so awesome!

    Seems like for the casual etcher the cream is a lot cheaper setup, why do you prefer the sandblasting?

    Nevermind, went to your site and read some and you explain it