Glass File





Introduction: Glass File

How to make the file from the glass

Step 1: What You Need

You need

- Pencil
- Glass
- Epoxide Glue

Step 2: Glass

Break the glass into the rag

Step 3: Sift

sift the glass

Step 4: Glue

prepare epoxide glue

Step 5: Pencil Prepare

Put glue on the pencil

Step 6: Crumbs and Egg ;-)

Put pencil into the glass

Step 7: Done

Ready to use, you can file: aluminum, wood, plastic and more :)

Please look movie, how this work.

Good Luck

Step 8: Done

Ready to use, you can file: aluminum, wood, plastic and more :)

Good Luck



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    Buenisima idea, me acuerdo que en la revista Hobby apareció algo similar, pero para fabricar papel de lija. Yo las habia hecho, pero el pegamento no era tan resistente (no usé epoxi)

    Great idea, i remember that in "hobby"magazine show a similar project, but for make sandpaper. I made those, but the glue wasn't very strong (i didn't use epoxi)

    Just brilliant simplicity......5/5*

    Truly amazing idea :P I Have A File I Bought For $5 A While Back And It Broke, Ill Be Sure To Use This!

    You only capitalize the first word in a sentence.

    Great idea!!!!

    step 7&8 are the same thing

    Awesome. Is the rod you're using a pencil?

    It does look like a pencil, but probably isn't; pencils snap too easy...

    No, it def. is. Look at the image above, you can see the lead (ok, ok, graphite) in the back. Msolek, what say you.