Picture of Glass File
How to make the file from the glass

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
You need

- Pencil
- Glass
- Epoxide Glue
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notingkool2 years ago
Buenisima idea, me acuerdo que en la revista Hobby apareció algo similar, pero para fabricar papel de lija. Yo las habia hecho, pero el pegamento no era tan resistente (no usé epoxi)

Great idea, i remember that in "hobby"magazine show a similar project, but for make sandpaper. I made those, but the glue wasn't very strong (i didn't use epoxi)
agis683 years ago
Just brilliant simplicity......5/5*
NeonLime7 years ago
Truly amazing idea :P I Have A File I Bought For $5 A While Back And It Broke, Ill Be Sure To Use This!
Derin NeonLime6 years ago
You only capitalize the first word in a sentence.
Not if you use proper nouns!
GEEK16 years ago
Great idea!!!!
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
step 7&8 are the same thing
shooby7 years ago
Awesome. Is the rod you're using a pencil?
It does look like a pencil, but probably isn't; pencils snap too easy...
No, it def. is. Look at the image above, you can see the lead (ok, ok, graphite) in the back. Msolek, what say you.
Well, that's what I thought at first too, but it looks square, and the graphite is normally round....
Looks like a type of carpenter's pencil. While some have rectangular bodies and leads, others have a oval body, oval/rectangular lead.
shooby Groaker7 years ago
It's not an ovular pencil either. It's just a regular pencil.
finfan7 Groaker7 years ago
If you look at the words it actually states that it is a pencil.
Plasmana7 years ago
Great instructable! I like that you said "and prison bars"! Haha! 5 star rating!
Th3H4rRy7 years ago
great idea. Very usefull. Scary how that glass looks a lot like sugar :S
Haha, the glass crumbs DOES look like sugar!
that wasn't sugar????? X.X
cprocjr7 years ago
I knew you were going to say prison bars before i saw it. Great Idea!!! I'll be sure to use it next time i need a file.
another way is to use waxed dental floss and scouring powder.
problem is most of the time the scouring powder is secured or harder to source. and hey it's an abrasive,going out in the yard and grabbing a pocket full of sand does the same thing. prisoners arent stupid...their only dumb for doing a crime that got them caught,human ingenuity will always prevail....
well, there is always the kitchen time. if they ever had to do the dishes, the powder wouldnt be hard at all to get their hands on.
there's the rub...most times they are VERY well searched before being allowed to other areas,or scanned for metal. your point is true though...hard to check a guy for non ferrous powder when your looking for stolen metal
dental floss and toothpaste? how do you do that?
easy..you make a SLURRY of goo,drag the dental floss THROUGH it and pull the ends around the other side... kinda like throwing a line over a tree branch,then pulling one end,and keeping tension on the other.. takes forever damn near. but it WILL saw through the tree branch,same thing for the steel bars,remember they have nothing BUT time. they've actually banned long enough peices to construct the cutting lengths,and now ask that the guys in prison throw out the used peices after they are finished,and verify they were thrown away.
wow. thats awsome!!!!!!! We should start a forum topic on ways to get out of prison. just for people to be creative! let me know if you start it. if not, ill start one this weekend.
dude...email me the link..that is too cool,yes..I'm in nature223@yahoo.com
Brennn107 years ago
I made one of these today. I am letting it dry at the moment. I am curious to see how it works out.
surfreak7 years ago
Awesome idea, but the movie is very deceiving since it's sped up. It's fun to break glass and all, but the file doesn't seem to work as quickly as a commercially made one.
Of course it doesn't work as well, but you can't always go out and buy a file.
The Mollusk7 years ago
How did you figure that out? Great idea, my only question is whether or not it will cut you...
=SMART=7 years ago
wow nice idea and good instructible :D
Scurge7 years ago
good instructable! just watch out with the glass dust, inhaling it will wreak havoc on your upper respratory system, and is possibly fatal.
nature2237 years ago
good instructable...you did aluminum...you did wood....I feel shortchanged...I needed to see FLESH!!!!!!! MUWAhahahahahahahahha ha ha ha ha.. ha ha.... um..sorry,I'll stop now.. *walks away*
rimar20007 years ago
Genial. I will do it soon.
mud_dann7 years ago
just curious tho, is there an alternative besides epoxy glue?
craig37 years ago
how long would it last before the glass pieces brake and become to small or something?
What does a glass file... do?
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