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It has been a while since I picked up, an aged wooden tripod from a neighbor’s
pile of neglected items. Some time ago I was glad to receive a glass electrical insulator as a gift from a colleague of mine and there was no much later from both events that I came up with the idea to combine those two into a vintage lamp.

Step 1: The Materials

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Luckily enough there was no need to purchase any consumables needed to
construct the lamp. The tripod was missing its top part. Therefore I decided to construct a new one. The new top was made from an iron part and three wooden parts (marine plywood). I rubbed and polished the new part using wood varnish. I used black mat paint for the metal parts.

Unfortunately I did not take many pictures of this procedure.

Step 2: The Mounting

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The hole in the glass electrical insulator was way too wide than needed to
be firmly lean on the construction. In order to get it narrowed I used chemical fixing resin with Μ10 long nuts and I managed to firmly place the insulator on top of the tripod using as base an Μ10 long screw.

Step 3: The Novel Led Panel

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I was planning my lamp would have an evenly emitted light that was the
reason why I picked led lights and an unused compact disk. I placed evenly distributed led panel strips on the compact disk and connected the panel to a 12V Power supply using a vintage cable cord. A marine plywood disk placed underneath the CD made the cod less visible.

In order to keep the led strips cool and avoid overheating on the panel, I plan to replace the CD with aluminum.

Step 4: All Together

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As soon as I had each of the parts completed I started to put them
together into my new vintage lamp.

Hopefully you’ll fancy the lamp as much as me and my wife did.


RobbeC made it! (author)2017-06-11

I made something like this a few years ago. Only I did not use a tripod, but mounted it on a little brick staircase corner thing. (And I put a paper thing inside to diffuse the light a little.)

fra (author)RobbeC2017-06-19

It's very beautiful!

VernonP1 (author)2017-05-28

great work!!!!!! is there a reason you brought the 12v lead down from the outside of the CD and not the inside?

fra (author)VernonP12017-05-29

Thanks! The other side had a label and from this side the light has better reflection.

VernonP1 (author)2017-05-28

great work !!!!

Abelos (author)2017-05-23


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