Picture of Glass Tube Table Lamp for under $20
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Lamps can be costly, this instructable is simple and cheap, just the kind of project for people like us! The projects takes well under an hour and parts are cheap. Grab a "CENTRERA LYKTA" from your local IKEA ($12.99) and get ready for some ikeahacking! Good luck and please leave a comment!
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Step 1: Gather your materials

Picture of Gather your materials
You will need your "CENTRERA LYKTA" from Ikea $12.99, Your rotary tool (dremel), Cut off wheels, Scroll saw bit, and sand paper drums. You will also need a light bulb socket and some epoxy. Grab a respirator, safety glasses, and a leather glove for that safety thing. It probably isn't a good idea to breath aluminum flakes and sandpaper stuff!

Disclaimer: Any reproduction of the steps contained in this instructable are done at the risk of the individual and the author is hereby freed of any liability associated with the contents of this document.

Step 2: Cut off the nub!

Picture of Cut off the nub!
The CENTRERA LYKTA is intended for candles, we have to cut off the cup which the candle is supposed to sit in. I used 1/32" Cut off disc, just slice through little by little don't force the cut, just let the tool do the work. These are fragile and you will have to waste time changing the discs if you try to force it to cut faster.

Step 3: Cut the hole for the light bulb socket

Picture of Cut the hole for the light bulb socket
Now take your scroll bit and cut a hole that is roughly the size of the light bulb socket. This doesn't have to be perfect, you will be rounding it out in the next step.

Step 4: Clean your hole!

Picture of Clean your hole!
No not like that sicko! Your cuts probably aren't exactly perfect, so you will need to use your sandpaper drum to round out. Again it doesn't have to be perfect, just not to small and not to big, you will epoxy your socket in the hole after everything is cleaned up.

Step 5: Stick your socket in the hole

Picture of Stick your socket in the hole
Now all you have to do is put your socket in the hole and epoxy the sucker together, grab your lamp wire and light bulb and finish it up! Simple and sweet.