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I have always wanted to make steel parts for my glass art. But, I did not have all the free forming tools to work the steel. That was till I found the TechShop in Pittsburgh.  I drew up the parts I needed and got the steel and off to the shop, they have all the forming tools I needed and welders to put them together. Now I am having fun making my art out of glass and steel. So you can say  "I made it at the TechShop".


glassman15201 (author)2014-04-18

I will try to take some process photos of the next one. I think a dragonfly.

mosspossum (author)2014-04-18

awesome job! i would also like to see your process.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-04-17

This is beautiful! Do you have any process shots? I'd love to see more of how you made it :)

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