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Hobbie of mine. :)


ArticAkita (author)2014-05-06

What, its just a show off not a how to? Dang it, I was all ready to see how one melts styrafoam to glass!

TurtsMcGurtz (author)2013-12-12

How is this an intructable?

megabeastmode555 (author)2013-10-10

Can u make a instructable please

triumphman (author)2013-03-02

Won't glass heads shatter when they hit stuff ?

jtobako (author)2011-07-10

Hard to tell from the photos, but what's your flake pattern like and how sharp are they?

ArtfulAl (author)2011-04-11

very cool. what techniques and tools did you use to make 'em?

TruorFalse (author)ArtfulAl2011-04-11

I knapped the glass ones. For the styrofoam ones, i melted down some styrofoam and grinded it down on concrete.

insomniaSAH (author)2011-04-09

Are you going to post an 'ible on how to make these?

TruorFalse (author)insomniaSAH2011-04-09

idk, maybe.

If your not gonna post an instructable then why put it on here??

to show what i made for the contest.

O ok but u should make an instructable on how to make thease its a real good idea.

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