Hobbie of mine. :)

<p>What, its just a show off not a how to? Dang it, I was all ready to see how one melts styrafoam to glass!</p>
How is this an intructable?
Can u make a instructable please
Won't glass heads shatter when they hit stuff ?
Hard to tell from the photos, but what's your flake pattern like and how sharp are they?
very cool. what techniques and tools did you use to make 'em?
I knapped the glass ones. For the styrofoam ones, i melted down some styrofoam and grinded it down on concrete.
Are you going to post an 'ible on how to make these?
idk, maybe.
If your not gonna post an instructable then why put it on here??
to show what i made for the contest.
O ok but u should make an instructable on how to make thease its a real good idea.

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