Picture of Glass guitar slide using a beer bottle and a rudimentary tool.
Making a glass guitar slide is quick and easy when you have a handy dandy mill file,
And some pizza, oh, beer too, You need that, or any glass bottle really.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Supply 1.JPG
You need a Mill File and a glass bottle, any will do, but with beer, it makes the time pass by quicker.
Also, You will need some food too, pizza is the best choice, goes good with making things.
You might want to put in a good movie or some awesome music as well.
zigzagchris2 years ago
I saw a video of one of my favorite bands "typhoon" recording there album, and they were just using a unaltered glass beer bottle as a slide. Obviously not the easiest for live playing though
Taimur2 years ago
You must have small fingers to enter inside the mouth of the bottle =P
freeza362 years ago
"or in various cakes" haha
amandaggogo (author)  freeza362 years ago
Generally plain pound cakes, Not the fancy ones, like birthday cakes. Think more along the lines of "Angel food" cakes.
Basically any kind you would take to a prison.
axiomaddict3 years ago
I have been using the G2 glass bottle cutter with outstanding results.

DeesSqueeze3 years ago
When I was much younger, we used to cut bottles very easily - we would just tie a string soaked in lighter fluid around the bottle, light it, and, after it burned out, dip the bottle in water. It cracked neat and clean, and all we had to do after was emery the cut edge. We used it to make glasses... water and wine.
amandaggogo (author)  DeesSqueeze3 years ago
I actually stumbled across a video recently on how to do that, thought it seemed very cool, will have to test it out soon!
Awesome, featured.

For the cutting process, finding some way of turning the bottle and holding the file to it would be way easier, actually sticking the file in a clamp and turning the bottle by hand might work well, plus you'd get a smooth cut.