Introduction: Glass Marbles' Night Lamp

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Glass marbles' night lamp is a simple but sweet way of decorating either your center table or side table. It is also a good project for best out of waste.

Step 1: Material Required:

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  1. 80-90 marbles
  2. Hot glue gun or any good adhesive
  3. Scrape CD
  4. A small LED lamp (diya).

Step 2: How to Make It?

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  • Take the scrape CD and clean it from both the sides.
  • Place the CD on a table top (in any direction).
  • Now take the marbles one by one and start sticking them on the CD.

Step 3:

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  • After completing one round, start placing the marble on top of and in between two marbles.
  • Complete the second round in the same way.
  • Repeat the procedure for 3rd and 4th round.
  • Do not go for a fifth round as the marbles may start falling after some days due to their weight.

Step 4: Final Touch

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  • Place a small LED light (diya) at the center of the CD.
  • Lit up the light and your night lamp is ready.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-12-04

That would look really cool with the candle light refracting through all the marbles.

Yes it actually does.

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