Glasses Keepers Neck Strap





Introduction: Glasses Keepers Neck Strap

Cheap quick way to make glasses keepers.

Step 1: Cheap Quick Way to Make Glasses Keepers.

I bought a glasses keeper strap for my reading glasses and hated it. The loops that grip the frames stick out, look goofy and are uncomfortable to wear. You can make a better one out of a neck strap, shoe lace or cord and some heat shrink tubing in about five minutes. The tubing should be slightly bigger than your glasses frame temple pieces. Available at Radio Shack, Home Depot, Amazon, etc.

1. Cut two pieces of shrink tubing - about an inch or so should be good.

2. Fold or roll the ends of the strap to shove inside the tubing about half-way.

3. Push the tubing onto the ends of your glasses frames.

4. Carefully heat the tubing with a hair dryer, lighter or match to shrink it down.

5. Enjoy your new glasses keepers!



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This is my version of your project. Instead of shrink tubbing, I used a paper clip. Also, I made it adjustable with 2 pieces of plastic tubbing.

See attached pictures.