IN this GIMP tutorial, i will show you how to make a reflective glassy styled avatar or picture...
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Step 4: Border time

first right click on the "main text" layer and select "Alpha to selection".
Then go to Select>Grow to access the "Grow Selection" dialog or you can right click on top of the Text and in the menu click on Select then Grow, will add 3px for the Grow Selection.
Click on "Create new Layer" Name it "Border" and fill it with 293a47 Dark blue using the "Bucket Fill Tool", place it behind the "Main Text" layer to become a border.

Step 5: Flip Flop

Right click on the Border Layer and in the menu click on "Duplicate Layer" Move the layer on top of the "Main text" layer by

Do the same for the for The "Main text" layer and move it ontop of the "border Copy" layer

Now Merge the two new duplicated layers by right clicking on on the "Main Text#1" layer and in the menu click on "Merge Down" now Rename the layer to "Reflection"

Before you move the reflection into position De-select any selected layer by going to Select>None

Using the "Move Tool" place the the new duplicated text logo image below the original text logo, Grab the "Flip tool" make sure its on Vertical mode, then drag upwards to finally flip it.
will4214 years ago
How do I put in the gradients? I try opening them, but I would of murdered GIMP if it weren`t for the Too many errors thing. XD
will421 will4214 years ago
I figured it out.
TATcreator5 years ago
This is a very well organized instructable, but you may want to explain more of where to click, where in the tool bar the items are located, and how to place objects and gradients.

All things set aside, the instructable earned * * * *
Beat this!
Notice how he hits his head faster?
Not quite. With some systems, it might beat faster as a CPU overclock side effect. But, the image itself, as it may, follows a set of 3 frames and continually repeats them in a specified order.
Each of the three images had a delay... I just removed that delay, so he hits his head as fast as your computer can handle.
To me TAT`s is just 1 like millisecond slower then yours. 0_O
Ah, hello, our beloved counterpart. What brings you to Instructables?
I'm a former IT assistant in Ohio. I've been like a partner recently to the TAT team, but I remember when I used to mentor them about computers and such all those years ago, and I taught them basic concepts of the C language. Teach them; they have great potential, and they're already far beyond me.
fwjs28 (author)  smashking6455 years ago
You have learned much, young padawan!  
fwjs28 (author)  Arbitror5 years ago
Beat what? The image?
fwjs28 (author)  smashking6455 years ago
yes, shadow ops' beats faster than tats' (thats what she said :P )
fwjs28 (author)  TATcreator5 years ago
cool, cool....i put it together in about half an hour...have you tried it? when you do id like to see some samples...
Excellent! Very well done.
Did you create the START button as is shown above?
fwjs28 (author)  smashking6455 years ago
no, however, i did make the flip image...