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This airplane was taught to me by my friend a couple years ago. It is somewhat simple, and likes a nice breeze. When thrown right, it can go about 6-7 yards. The pen lines you see are for help to see where to fold, not required. (this is my first Instructable, so go easy on the comments)

-Paper (standerd printer paper will do)

Step 1: Sarting

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These are the first folds

img 2&3
standard triangle fold

Img 4
unfold to leave lines

Step 2: Folding It Over

Picture of Folding It Over

Fold a to b* to make a triangle-like fold

a and b seen in last step

Step 3: Folding the Nose

Picture of Folding the Nose

Fold the 2 to the other 2, and likewise with the 1's

Step 4: Nose Cont.

Picture of Nose Cont.

fold along the blue line.

Step 5: Nose Cont. Cont.

Picture of Nose Cont. Cont.

using scissors, cut from the very tip to where the top layers of the last step meet (see pic2)
Insert new flaps into the pockets (see3-4)

Step 6: Flaps

Picture of Flaps

This is how i fold the flaps, but eperiment with it to get it just right.

Step 7: Yay Last Step!!!!!!!!

Picture of Yay Last Step!!!!!!!!

hold here and throw triangle thing down.


mberg (author)2010-11-09

it didn't work (p.s. how do u throw it there is nothing to hold on to)

PlumberB (author)2009-05-04

I learned to make this glider - gee, almost fifty years ago! I had always considered it to be the best flying paper airplane ever. By the time I was in highschool a few years later, I had forgotten how to make it. For whatever reason, I was never able to recreate it, though I have tried over the years. Thanks for the fourth grade childhood memories.....

Tappers (author)2009-04-14

what triangle thing?

nicky0206 (author)2008-10-24

This is a really good paper airplane.

wotot2 (author)nicky02062008-10-26


-=aLiEn=- (author)2008-05-16

Wow. Nice instructable. Nice to see someone put a new spin on an old idea.

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