Glitter Cupcakes





Introduction: Glitter Cupcakes

I love anything with glitter, especially cupcakes.These cupcakes will add glam to any occaision. Keep reading to see how I made them. Thank you for checking out my instructable. If you would like to see other things I have made click here.

Step 1: You Will Need:

*sanding sugar in the colors of your choice
*disco dust (optional)
*fondant or gumpaste
*foodsafe paintbrush
*edible airbrush paint
*various flower and butterfly cutters (or anything you want)
*rolling pin

Step 2: The Cupcake With the Cherry on Top

Start out by making a "snake" out of fondant or gumpaste cut into equal parts. Roll each piece into a ball and let harden. Paint one ball at a time, then roll it while it is still wet in the sanding sugar.Let dry. I made a few different color "cherries" to show you what a few different colors would look like. Repeat till you have made the amount you need.

Now frost your cupcakes to have a dome on it. Pour the sanding sugar in a shallow bowl. Carefully dip the cupcake intothe bowl, be sure to cover the whole cupcake. Take a foodsafe paintbrush and dip it into the disco dust. Hold the brush just above the cupcake and tap the brush with your finger so that the disco dust falls onto the cupcake. Now  just put your colorful cherries on top. 

Step 3: Other Ideas

Roll out some fondant or gumpaste. Cut various flowers and butterflies. Let harden.If you want your butterfies not to look flat. you can take a strip of heavy duty foil and make a bend in it, this will give the butterfly a more lifelike shape.The flower can sort of hang inside the cookie cutter to acheive the same affect. Paint with edible airbrush colors,then right away sprinkle some sanding sugar and/or disco dust on top. Let dry. you can also put some on the frosted cupcake. top with glittery flower or butterfly.



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Awesome! Pink and glitter is just so much fun :)

My favorite is the one with the butterfly! :D