Glitter Frames




Introduction: Glitter Frames

hi ready to make easy frames for pictures???

great! now what you will need is a note card ( or for larger size cardstock ) which you can buy at walmart.

and of course glitter glue, which i bought at family dollar for two dollars.

so start steps and move along, good luck!!!

Step 1: First Do a Silver Line at the Top Middle of Your Frame

Step 2: Next Pink Beside It, or If You Perfer Red

Step 3: Then Blue Curved Angle, As Shown Above.

Step 4: Then on Other Side Do an Orange Coler There.

Step 5: And Under It Favorite Color......

Step 6: And on Other Side Orange Line All the Way Down.

Step 7: Then Draw a Heart in Your Little Nook Over the Curved Line.

Step 8: And Dot the Other Side And...........

Step 9: And Now Your Done Wait 1 Day Before Use.



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    That is a cute craft project :)

    hi this is my first instuctable, so please give me a commet!

    thank you!