When I found out Instructables was having a Glitter Challenge, I just knew I had to enter it. I've been mulling for a few days on what to make and last night, I finally thought of something -- refrigerator magnets made with glittery nail polish! These are super easy to make and you could probably pump out a few dozen in an hour.

Step 1: Supplies

You'll need those clear, flat-backed vase-fillers, a glue gun, glue sticks, glittery nail polish, a solid nail polish of the same color and strong refrigerator magnet backs.

Step 2: Paint on the Glitter

Lie the marble on its front and start painting the flat back with glitter! You'll probably have to do a few coats depending on how coarse the glitter in your nail polish is.

Step 3: Paint on the Solid!

When the glitter nail polish is completely dry, paint on your solid.

Step 4: Glue the Magnet!

After the solid nail polish dries, you're going to grab a magnet back and hot glue it on.

Step 5: Let Dry

Let dry and put 'em on your fridge!

Pretty easy right? I absolutely love the way they turned out.

Also, instead of gluing magnets on you could use ring bases and make pretty rings
<p>Super idea. Thank you.</p>
<p>Thanks so much for this Instructable. I have been paying a fortune for these at craft shows and it never dawned on me that the glitter was nail polish! I have glitter nail polish in bright colors and some of these glass pieces too! Can't wait to do it with your guide...wow!</p>
<p>Just a thought, </p><p>if you have little children around be careful they don't get a hold of these magnets. I know kids love to put stuff in their mouth and if swallowed the magnets can do damage to their intestines. Those fun little &quot;bucky ball&quot; magnets have been banned in some places because of kids swallowing them and having big problems as a result. I love them, but I no longer have little kids around.</p><p>Maybe you should include a small warning about keeping them away from toddlers. </p>
<p>Thanks.</p><p>I do not have any children, and children don't really come into my home. I hope that parents would be knowledgeable enough to not let their children put magnets into their mouths. I hope that's common sense.</p>
<p>They do look delicious! :)</p>
<p>These are so pretty! I love nail polish and have a ton of it but my only regret is not being able to wear it more! I'll have to try this :)</p>
<p>Thanks! I used cheap-o nail polish, btw. Would definitely not recommend using expensive nail polish!</p>
<p>Yeah, definitely not, but you can find pretty nail polish for pretty cheap all over the place these days! </p>
<p>I'm pretty sure this stuff was $.99 each!</p>
<p>Gotta love drugstore nail polish! :D </p>

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