Picture of Glitter Mask for the bespectacled!
It all started with the Tatted Mask ( http://www.instructables.com/id/Tatted_Mask_1/ ) 
Which is, fabulous.  However, I have two issues with it;
a) it involves tatting, which is a lovely, and mythical new hobby, that I haven't the wherewithal to learn.
b) it doesn't look nearly as sexy or mysterious with glasses + mask.
c) I have a short amount of time but a whole lot of glitter to make the love happen.

And since hot glue isn't a hobby, I decided to try to see what was possible with it.

Step 1: Find a pair of glasses!

Picture of Find a pair of glasses!
Dig through your old spectacle collection, and find one that isn't too far off from your current prescription, or if you aren't bespectacled (or if you have contacts), you can thrift any old pair of classes, or cheapo sunglasses, reading glasses , or old 3D movie glasses.

You likely will not return these frames to their original condition... and the wider the frame, the better...(ie, wire frames are more may be a bit harder to work with than plastic frames)

TotusMel5 years ago
Ha! This is fabulous...glad I could inspire you a bit!
haptotrope (author)  TotusMel5 years ago
Your stuff is beautiful!  I only wish I had the time/patience for something other than the trailer trash version!  :-P

hooray for inspiration, and glitter!
mikeasaurus5 years ago
neat effect, I love hot glue.
haptotrope (author)  mikeasaurus5 years ago
it worked out well... and I think i could trim them off, store the frames for next season, and make them in a different color/style, or even lay out some sheets of glue, cut shapes, and warm the connections to adhere...  Though I will have to get more hot-glue!
paulhogan5 years ago
Pretty fantastic looking... but how well can you see through them?
haptotrope (author)  paulhogan5 years ago
Actually its like looking through sunglasses...with this brand of glitter ( http://www.artglitter.com/ ), I could see just fine... I uploaded a couple pics of different light scenarios to the first step for added illustration.

And because there wasn't any glue on the lenses, if i chose something that didn't work/ or I didn't want less visibility, I could clean off the lenses with a damp rag... :-)
ChrysN5 years ago