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I saw this on Craftgawker (a great site if you’ve never heard of it) and had to try it for myself. My sister (who graciously modeled this DIY for me) and I spent the whole day Sunday making these neat little ornaments. I added a few extras to the list of supplies (Thanks to my brilliant sister!) and was really pleased with the success of our experiments.

The steps are really easy and can be done with kids so long as parents handle the floor wax/finish.

1. Glitter, sequins, little buttons (yes!)
2. Plain, glass ornaments (any shape you want)
3. Floor Finish/Wax
4. Cup (not pictured)
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Step 1:

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Step One:
Be sure to do this project over craft paper or a surface you don’t mind spilling on. Remove the top of your ornament and pour in your floor finish. Pour over a cup to catch any over spill. You will only need a small amount to coat the inside of the ornament.

Step 2:

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Step Two:
Swirl the finish solution around the ornament. Be sure to cover the entire inside. Use the cup to catch the solution as you coat the top part. I had to turn it over and slowly turn the ornament while I poured it out to make sure I coated the top portion.

Step 3:

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Step Three:
Dump out your excess into the cup. You can reuse this for other ornaments. Then begin pouring in your glitter. You can make a funnel for the glitter for smaller kids with a piece of paper. You won’t need to fill the whole ornament. Only fill the bottom about a half inch full.

Step 4:

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Step Four:
Using the same swirling motion, coat the inside with your glitter. I would put a piece of paper over the top to keep anything from falling out while I shook the glitter inside the ornament. Dump out any excess on a napkin or piece of paper so you can salvage and reuse.
TwoSpoony1 year ago
Really pretty. I bought one of those clear ornaments and was thinking of using glitter. I never would have thought to use floor wax.
300sqFt2 years ago
this is awesome! I want to try it with a small light bulb, and am wondering if Mod Podge would work? It seems like it should...
linrodann2 years ago
Beautiful! And it won't flake off and get everywhere since it's on the inside :)
You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!
very clever!
ChrysN2 years ago