Delight your friends and family with a handmade gift.  (Then amaze them when you inform them it was made out of none other than...toilet paper!)  That's right, toilet paper!  These glittering snowman ornaments are so adorable, no one would ever guess their main 'ingredient'.
They are quick, simple, and inexpensive to make.  The tri-fecta of crafts!
Please be warned, there are a few steps that definitely will require an adult to help.  Hot glue, and glass glitter are two essentials to this project, but not exactly safe for little ones.
Be careful! 
Be creative! 
Have fun!

Step 1:

Step One: Get all of your supplies gathered. 
10 (or so) squares of toilet paper
water to wet the toilet paper
white paint
black paint
orange paint
glass glitter
glue (regular school glue)
small paint brush
glue gun
glue stick for glue gun
fabric strip or ribbon
foil (to protect your surface and easy clean-up)
Cute snowman!
Thank you!

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