I first began making these decorated paper butterfly boxes when my daughter was very young and obsessed with butterflies. One year, I made a bunch of them to give out at her butterfly-themed birthday party. The girls were thrilled to get fancy little boxes containing jewelry instead of goody bags of candy. It was amusing how these boxes made cheap, plastic jewelry look like they came from Tiffany's! In fact, some of the girls thought they were little purses and used them to carry around their prized trinkets long after the party was over. I even began receiving orders from some of the moms who saw them and wanted to use them for giving out special little gifts.

The great thing about these boxes is they also double very nicely as ornaments once the holidays roll around. I made enough to fill a small Christmas tree for my daughter the same year of her butterfly birthday party. It became sort of a "butterfly-Advent calendar" as I put little toys and candies in each box. The butterflies looked beautiful hanging on the tree with tinsel garlands and little clear Christmas twinkle lights that made the glittery butterflies sparkle and shimmer. (Unfortunately, the glitter doesn't show up well in my photos, but you can believe me when I say they are quite dazzling in person.)

These butterfly gift box ornaments are very simple and satisfying to make. You'll feel like a real artist after putting a few of them together, so feel free to sign your name or initials (like I did) to your completed masterpieces! My daughter even began making her own once she saw how easy they are to make (basic kindergarten skills like cutting, pasting and glitter-gluing are all that is needed once you print the butterflies). So what are you waiting for...get you paper papillon on now!

Step 1: Supplies

1/  Decorative Butterfly Illustrations (CD-ROM & Book) by Dover + Color Printer
2/  Satin Ribbon (or whatever material ribbon you like)
3/  Small Black Jewelry Boxes
4/  X-Acto Knife + Cutting Board (or scissors, whichever works best for you)
5/  Heavyweight Paper (for printing the butterflies)
6/  Black Spray Paint (for the backs of the butterflies)
7/  Protective Clear Finish Spray (for the printed side of the butterflies)
8/  Craft Glue (or other quick-drying adhesive)
9/  Glitter Glue + Puff Paint (or other decorative glitter/paint of your choice)

I bought all the above either online (#1& #3) or at craft & paper (#5) stores. It's all very easy to find.
Those are actually somewhat cool-looking in a way.
Really a nice touch...VOTED!
Thank you...appreciate it!
Beautiful! And they'll work great for boys too if you decorate with other creepy bugs or dinosaurs! And for Halloween you can use ghosts, monsters, spiders etc :) I'm really impressed with this simple idea!!!<br/><br/>I was thinking, if you're worried that the box might open at the bottom, you can close the bottom with the string (as tight as possible but still allowing opening) and use a longer strong at the top so you can open it all the way. Or you can tie a knot with the string at the top. For the girl's handbags you can put enough string for a shoulder loop but tuck it into the box itself so it's not hanging out when you give the presents. I really love your idea!
Thank you! I love your suggestions as well (especially the one about hinging one side of the box with a smaller piece of ribbon). That would definitely make the whole unit more secure and purse-like.
Simple and cute! Sounds like you can't go wrong with these. I'll have to try them!
You really can't go wrong with these. They're super easy and fun to make, too!
Love butterflies! this is such a cool idea, thanks for sharing :)
Thanks...and you're welcome!
Cute Idea! <br>

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