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Introduction: Glittery Dried Leaves

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These are some shiny gilded leaves.

Using this ibles you can recycle fallen leaves and create something pretty and decorate almost everything with this.

I hope you all like this project and have fun making one as well.

For this ibles you need:

  • Heavy thick book
  • Dried Leaves
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Clue
  • Glitter
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Step 1: Prepare the Leaves

Put the freshly collected leaves in a heavy book for 5 - 10 days to press-dry them.

Take them out when they are perfectly straightened up.

Step 2: Template

Take a pencil and paper.

Fold the paper in half and draw the leaf shape you want.

Cut out the leaf.

Step 3:

Put it over a leaf and draw around it to get the paper leaf's outline.

Cut the leaf according to the outline.

Step 4: Paint

Take acrylic paint and a paint brush. It's better to use shiny colors.

Paint the leaf with golden acrylic paint.

Leave it to dry properly.

Step 5:

When the paint is all dried up, glue all over the leaf with a paint brush.

Take a strainer.

Pour some glitter over the strainer.

Then gently shake the strainer above the glued leaf.

Then leave the leaf to dry.

Done the glittery leaves are ready.



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    Glad you like it ^_^

    I wonder if applying a resin would make these durable enough to be used in jewelry. Glittery leaf earrings could be very pretty!

    1 reply

    Yes I've seen a tutorial.....

    Someone made a necklace with dried leaves. Here's the link

    http://www. cutoutandkeep. net/projects/gold-leaf-statement-necklace

    Have you tried using different leaves? Every tree has it's own leaf pattern, it would be interesting to use leaves from different trees for the variety they would have.

    1 reply

    Yes I did want to try But I couldn't find any.

    I wanted to go with maple leaf but it's rare in our country.

    Thank you :D