Picture of Glittery Leather Earrings
This is a very fun to make glitter and leather earrings....

To make you need:
• Leather belts
• Scissors
• Glue
• Sparkle/Glitter
• Ear hooks

Step 1: Cuttin’ and shapin’

Picture of Cuttin’ and shapin’

Cut out two similar leather pieces from the belt in the shape you wish. Then make holes on top (as shown in the picture)
patirisha1 year ago

I love your idea. Very pretty.

faiza0071 year ago

this is beautiful :) i love it

Beautiful! And I'm in love with all those glitters!

Awesome8121 year ago

i like the look <3 <3

Awesome8121 year ago

i like the look <3 <3

Very pretty! I love the leaf shape and the colors of the glitter look great together!