Picture of Glittery Leather Earrings
This is a very fun to make glitter and leather earrings....

To make you need:
• Leather belts
• Scissors
• Glue
• Sparkle/Glitter
• Ear hooks
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Step 1: Cuttin’ and shapin’

Picture of Cuttin’ and shapin’

Cut out two similar leather pieces from the belt in the shape you wish. Then make holes on top (as shown in the picture)

Step 2: Give it a spark

Picture of Give it a spark

If you’re using multiple colours then make an outline for the first colour(as shown in the picture),then fill the outline with glue. Now like I always say don’t use too much glue. After that put in over a paper (in this way you won’t waste any sparkle and also keep clean) and pour sparkle on it, then gently shake of the sparkle and use a brush to brush of the leftover sparkle on the blank side(in this way the first colour won’t get mixed up with the other colours). Leave it to dry for a bit.(Though the sparkle covers the glue and it’s technically dried but still...).

Now for the next colours do the same, draw an outline, fill with glue, pour sparckleshake and brush the leftovers.

Step 3: Attaching hooks!

Picture of Attaching hooks!
Take the ear hooks and attach them as shown in the picture.

Hooray It's done....
Hope you like this idea :)
patirisha1 year ago

I love your idea. Very pretty.

faiza0071 year ago

this is beautiful :) i love it

Beautiful! And I'm in love with all those glitters!

Awesome8121 year ago

i like the look <3 <3

Awesome8121 year ago

i like the look <3 <3

Very pretty! I love the leaf shape and the colors of the glitter look great together!