Cute Jumping Frog




Introduction: Cute Jumping Frog

Thing's you will need
hard paper♥sciccors♥pencil (ruler if needed)

Step 1: ♦Makeing the Body

1st:get a top corner of your paper and fold it down to a side,as seen in the pic.
2nd:Do the same with the other side.
3rd:get the 2 sides in the middle and fold them in to make a triangle.
4rth:Make sure you have a rectangle under your triangle.

Step 2: Little Frog Head and Legs ❇

1st:You have your triangle and rectangle? nice!
2nd:get one side of the sides of the triangle and fold it to the tip.
3rd:Do the same to the other side.
4rth:get one side of the rectangle and fold it to the middle.
5th:Same with the other side.
6th:Fold the folded rectangle half way to the head of the frog.
7th:Fold the legs one more time if needed
8th:Now press the frogs back lightly :-D
(I prefer for you to make a smaller one) they jump higher!
have fun,hope you got it! ♥



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