Glittery Raindrop Necklace





Introduction: Glittery Raindrop Necklace

This Raindrop Necklace would be more glittering in the evening.
And you can use the clasp of necklace as a switch to turn on and off the light.

Step 1: You Will Need

1 crochet hook
2 blue color of yarn
3 conductive thread
4 5mm LED (white)
5 3V coin cell battery
6 vinyl tape
7 scissors
8 pliers

and needle, necklace clasp

Step 2: Before Make the Circuit

Cover the LED leads by tape, not to touch each other. Using pliers, twist the leads a few times, creating loops.

Step 3: Crocht a Ball

Make a ball for covering a battery.

Step 4: Crochet a Raindrop

Treble crochet for LED light filtering through the stitches of raindrop.

Step 5: Make the Circuit

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    I was wondering, do you need a special necklace clasp or would any jewelry clasp work?

    2 replies

    You don't need special clasp but plastics doesn't work ;)


    I've always wondered:
    Do you shock yourself if you touch the conductive thread with a current running through it, or is it completely safe?

    5 replies

    no you wont shock yourself but if you wear it in the shower you might feel a little tingle it will get very nasty if you do that though also long very wet hair may cause .a tingle too,

    Is there any certain reason why you won't shock yourself?

    I think there are no problem if you touch the conductive thread with current through it, because it's very weak.
    Of course, the large currents can be dangerous.
    I also weaved conductive threads into chain to avoid touching the threads the skin directly.
    But perhaps I should do all kinds of things for completely safe next.

    So you are shocking yourself, just with a really low voltage/watts?. Ok then, thanks! Cause I've seen other projects where your skin is touching a live wire and I'm a bit cautious about that...

    I do not shock at all actually from this necklace. May be you saw my other work 'birdcage' that I didn't use the conductive thread.
    If you really worried about getting a shock from the threads, it might be better to cover them with bead or something :)

    It is a very clever design - I didn't read the Instructable thoroughly, but is there a reason to have the battery in a separate ball? Why not have the battery in the tear drop with the LED and run the wires straight up to the clasp?

    Using the clasp as a switch is very smart!

    1 reply special reason :).
    But I thought I could avoid threads to touch each other if I had the battery in a separate ball.

    Very nice job but step 3 and 4 offer no description. I have no idea on how to crochet. That should be included in your instructable. Your leaving out nearly half the projects information.

    thank you!!