So we all feel the effects of global warming, even our animals. Lets do something about it! 

Step 1:

Grab the biggest container that will fit in your freezer.

*TIP* It is best if the container is flexable and has a taper toward the top!

Step 2:

For this one I will put water to about the half way point. Salt to taste

Step 3:

Grab your animals favorite foods and treats.

**TIP**  For dogs, add their favorite toy.

Step 4:

Cut into manageable pieces and place in water.

Step 5:

Fill container to 3/4 full mark and add treats. (remove pesky stickers)

Step 6:

(or just freeze)

Step 7:

Take out to your half baked animal and let them kick back with this global cooling treat!
Nice Instructable. <br> <br>You may have more viewers if you use the photo from step 7 as your main image. The horse licking the frozen treat is very cute. :)

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