Picture of Global Warming?! Give your animals a treat!
So we all feel the effects of global warming, even our animals. Lets do something about it! 
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Step 1:

Picture of
Grab the biggest container that will fit in your freezer.

*TIP* It is best if the container is flexable and has a taper toward the top!

Step 2:

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For this one I will put water to about the half way point. Salt to taste

Step 3:

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Grab your animals favorite foods and treats.

**TIP**  For dogs, add their favorite toy.

Step 4:

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Cut into manageable pieces and place in water.

Step 5:

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Fill container to 3/4 full mark and add treats. (remove pesky stickers)

Step 6:

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(or just freeze)

Step 7:

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photo (18).JPG
photo (20).JPG
Take out to your half baked animal and let them kick back with this global cooling treat!
canucksgirl3 years ago
Nice Instructable.

You may have more viewers if you use the photo from step 7 as your main image. The horse licking the frozen treat is very cute. :)