Step 6: Hang It Up

The final step was hanging the lights in the classroom.  I used two ceiling grid clamps for each light.  These are very lightweight, so I could have attached them directly to the ceiling tiles, but since there was a grid in just the right place I used grid clamps.

My daughter has sort of a "night sky" theme going on this wall, and I really like the looks of the globe lights against this background.

This is a relatively easy project.  There are unused globes everywhere.  Don't cut yourself.
I LOVE THIS! What a great reuse for an old globe and I happen to have 2!! I also have the hanging light kit as well! I am all over this 'ible and will have to post a pic when I am done. Thanks so much for sharing!
Glad you enjoyed the instructable. Good luck with making your light, and I'd love to see a photo when it is completed. Thanks again!
cute! and smart too...i dont have any globe but i will buy one just for this....I found in store the midlage global just for 9 euro (12USD)
Thank you for your comment, and good luck with you project!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to try it.
It's not difficult at all -- just be careful cutting the globe in half. Thank you for your comment!
Clever! It is nice.<br><br>And someone finally does justice to the southern hemisphere, which is always below!!!
I've always held the southern hemisphere in high regard, because without it the northern hemisphere would just fall off into space -- or something like that...... Thanks for your comment!
HAHA! Good point.<br><br>You have a good humour sense.
Looks great, perfect for a classroom!
Thank you for your comment! I have fun making things for my daughter's classroom. I always take my talking robot head to her school near the end of each school year, and her students always point out 3 or 4 of the things that I've made for them throughout the year. One of these days I suppose her classroom will run out of room for more stuff!
Cool! Great reuse project.
Thanks for your comment! This was a fun and easy project.

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