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Do you want to make a great centerpiece for your board game sessions? Do you ever look at the surface of your game table and think it's a little plane? Do you love Settlers of Catan, but sometimes wish it could be a bit less Euclidean? Then wrap your head around this...

This Instructable will show you how to make your very own Catanosphere, so you can have mind-bending battles of territorial expansion over a whole new environment. It's designed to work with a standard Settlers of Catan game set, and you won't have to sacrifice any of your pieces to make it. You will, however, need to attach a few magnets to the pieces. OK, actually a few hundred magnets, but I think it's worth it.

I'll provide plans for how to cut out and assemble all the cardboard globe pieces you'll need, as well as software that will let you customize the specific dimensions (e.g. road width, tile size, hole depth, material thickness) of your Catanosphere, then output it as a printable or laser-cuttable file. Want to make your own yurt-sized version out of wood? No problem!

Once I've talked you through how to build your Catanosphere, I'll briefly discuss some suggestions for gameplay and then narrowly avoid going off on a tangent about surface geometry (see what I did there?).

I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to seeing all your Catanospheres soon!

Features of Globefarers of Catan (a.k.a. Settlers of Riemann)
  • 31 playable tiles!
  • No edges of the map!
  • Befuddling upside-down gameplay!
  • Convenient magnetic storage of all your game pieces!
  • Looks like something people would play in a '90s sci-fi TV series!
Disclaimer: This is in no way intended as a replacement for or an official expansion of Settlers of Catan. It was made for fun rather than for profit and is meant only as a fond tribute to the amazing games of Klaus Teuber. If Hr Teuber does see this project, I sincerely hope that he views it only as a new surface on which to play his games rather than an attempt to infringe on his intellectual property.

Paso 1: Getting started

The Catanosphere is a modified truncated icosahedron, much like a soccer ball. It has 32 panels (12 pentagons and 20 hexagons), 60 vertices and 90 edges. Each of these requires its own magnet.

Each edge and vertex of the Catanosphere is also flattened so that roads, ships, settlements and cities can be attached without leaning at ugly angles. Also, the faces have recessed areas for inserting Catan tiles. All in all, this makes for some quite fiddly geometry. Don't worry, I'll go through it all slowly...

To make a Catanosphere you will need:
  • Settlers and/or Seafarers of Catan
  • Thick card (I used three A1 sheets).
  • About 400 small magnets (at least 380, but I used closer to 500).
  • Two A4 adhesive magnetic sheets.
  • Plastic tubing or dowel for the axle.
  • Hot glue and a glue gun.
  • Super glue.
  • Non-metallic tools, such as chopsticks, for moving magnets around.
  • A laser cutter and/or craft knife.
  • A sheepload of patience.
If you want to use the same design I used, carry on to Step 2.

If you'd rather play around with designing your own Catanosphere, skip ahead to Step 3.
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