Introduction: Globeminner Part 1

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Step 1: Loading....

Picture of Loading....

Look! It's amazing it's loading!

Step 2: Download....

In the process of loading, ill give you the download/buy link here

Step 3: Spawning....

Picture of Spawning....

A wonderful world of wonder. To start off, to move is w=forward, a=right, d=left, and s=backwards. Move your mouse to look around.

Step 4: Crafting....

Picture of Crafting....

To mine/break blocks, hit the left key on your touch pad. Hit "I" on your keyboard to open your inventory and click the left key on your touch pad to pick up blocks. Move the wood you collected to the top in the 9 squares to get your output.

Step 5: Placing/building

Picture of Placing/building

Just like breaking/mining, use the right key on your touch pad to place/build. Aim toward what your building on.

Step 6: Pickaxes and Sticks

Picture of Pickaxes and Sticks

The first picture is sticks and the second is a pickaxe.

Step 7: Mining....

Picture of Mining....

If you forgot how to break blocks click here

Step 8: Upgrading....

Picture of Upgrading....

You can upgrade your pickaxe with cobblestone which is mined by stone.

Step 9: Ore

Picture of Ore

First picture is iron ore and the 2nd is a furnace crafting recipe

Step 10: Using a Furnace

Picture of Using a Furnace

First picture is a furnace with coal ore which is your fuel and the second is the furnace inventory.

Step 11: Tools Part 1

Picture of Tools Part 1

1st picture is sword and 2nd is shovel

Step 12: Tools Part 2

Picture of Tools Part 2

First picture is a pickaxe and the 2nd is a axe for mining trees quicker.

Step 13: Download

Here is a download/buy click here

Step 14: Part 2


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