Glock 19





Introduction: Glock 19

Another pistol replica by Seleziona!

If you built my M1911.45 then this will be a familiar gun. It uses the same ammo, is a single shot, and still gets 55 feet :D
There are some advantages with this gun over the other. This gun can handle a lot more elastics, it is more comfortable, it looks better, and it is (I think) more accurate to the gun I was replicating it to than the last one.

So this gun is a single shot, and because of that it gets great range and is very reliable and accurate.

Also, It would not be hard to make a concealed mag for about 3 shots in the front of the gun if you think it is absolutely necessary.

I basically already went over the pros and cons in the previous paragraphs, sooo, build it if you want to!

I apologize in advance of some of the mistakes I made in the instructions :(

Step 1: Body Pt. 1

This is the outer part of the body of the gun.

Step 2: Handle

This is half of the handle for the gun.

Step 3: Internals

These are the internals to the gun. They make it work and such.

Step 4: Handle Pt.2

The rest of the handle

Step 5: BREAK!!

Break Out of Order

Step 6: Body Pt.2

The rest of the body

Step 7: That One Piece..?

Here we will make that one piece that goes on the gun.... 

Step 8: Elastics, Shooting!

This is the step where you put the firing pin in, put elastics on and shoot the gun! 



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gotta love Glocks :^)

i made it and then kept it for 1 month

What are the main differences between your Glock 19 and M1911.45?


It's short for Selonzia. Shovel IQ

A.His name is Seleziona not Selonzia
B. The abbreviation is Selez