Step 8:

27) Insert the top screw into the pin hole you made earlier. Finish with it facing flat from the front.

28) Put a dot of superglue on the back of the top screw to stop it turning.

Tip: Put a line of glue where the ears meet the head, for added strength.

29) Open your jump ring. Find where the ring splits and grasp one half in-between your fingers and one with your pliers, gently twist the ring open.

30) Thread the jump ring onto the top screw and press closed with the pliers

31) Lacquer the blood splat. Leave to dry for as long as directed on the bottle (usually an hour or so) Once it's thoroughly dry thread onto your chosen necklace and you're all done!!

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This is pretty darn adorable. :3 <br>I did my own rendition and then made a fox-like thing with the same instructions. Thanks! :D
You can buy head pins, or eye pins from ebay too. Or you can make your on from wire. It takes time to get them right but its cheaper over time. :) And you can place the head pin or eye pin BEFORE baking. <br>Great tutorial. Defo gunna try it this weekend. :D
heyy i love all of your turtorials and while looking at some of the pictures i noticed I LOVE YOUR EYE MAKEUP and i wanted to ask if you could do a instructables on that thanks
this is great!! i love these but i used a ring insted of a screw but the screw might have worked better for me. i didnt cook mine long enough so i had to super glue the ear back on so i just covered the whole thing in super glue, i geussed it worked cuz it made it supr shiny!!! i was amazed i had all of the supplies!!! mine wasnt as emo it ddint have blood coming out of its mouth and mine was purple!! yayay!! thanks for the instructbale!!
Do you have to lacquer the blood splat? Or will it be okay with out doing that??
awesome and emo (or is it goth) where do u get the gloom bear toys btw you should try this with skelanimals<br />
It's&nbsp;really nicee :) but uno the varnish does it need&nbsp;to be gloss or matt? and do you varnish it all or just the paint?&nbsp;sorry for being dumb&nbsp;:/ lol&nbsp;
i just used gloss varnish on the 'bloody' splats to make them look more interesting. You dont need to varnish the whole thing unless you want the whole thing glossy :)<br />
Well laid out...but Miley Cyrus?<br />
cute! one tip with working with polymer clay though: don't use oil-based varnish! this will react with the polymers and stay sticky forever. i usually use water-based varnish, but haven't tried acrylic. :D<br /> keep up the good work!<br />
good tip, i forgot to mention that!&nbsp;thanks <br />
you're welcome! i learned that one the hard way...after making a big, beautiful project, i used varnish on it :( big bummer.
dang. that's one gloomy bear.&nbsp;
That is uber-cute!!! I bet Gloomy Bear would be cute to in fabric or felt as well.&nbsp; Great idea! Cheers...
&nbsp;How well would that top screw hold into place? I never used that kind of clay so i don't know how strong it is. Also if i dropped it would it break easy?
I use top screws with the deepest 'teeth' i can find, so it grips well. Putting a little superglue on it will stop it turning further/turning back around and 'threading' itself.<br /> <br /> Polymer clay is pretty tough, its also slightly flexible. It will withstand a drop or two, same as a plastic necklace would scratch or chip when dropped from high enough. <br />
&nbsp;Thanks for the quick reply. And thanks for the info, my girlfriend loves Gloomy Bear. So i will make it for her.
aw lucky girl!&nbsp;:D<br />
&nbsp;Well i think i am the lucky one. But thank you. :D
Another awesome documented ible. Using the numbers to correspond to the pics is a great idea. Very well thought out. Keep it up! Is Fimo water resistant?<br />
yep its water resistant, once its baked its like a slightly flexible plastic :)<br />
Oh i love gloomy bear i drew a pic of him he's amazing. love the necklace really good work.
Good instructions - I&nbsp;like the technique of working from a reference print out.<br /> <br /> Also, is that Flat Eric in the background?&nbsp;Haven't seen that cheeky fellow in a while.<br />
Very observant!&nbsp;Flat Eric keeps watch over my art supplies :)<br />
This is awesome! :D&nbsp;Just in time for the holidays.<br /> A good handful of my friends would love this.&nbsp;:]<br />
Very well laid out instructable.&nbsp; Thanks for sharing. <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
great work...<br />
&nbsp;Great 'ible, nice necklace &amp; awesome photography.
It's drooling blood. LOL. That's really... unique?&nbsp; Great pics! 5*<br />
Wow. Not something I'd ever make, but love the detailed descriptions and awesome photographs.<br /> <br /> 5*<br />
awesomely cute gift idea...nice job<br />

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