Introduction: Glossy Paper Beads

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Create these beautiful glossy beads from paper. Yes, that's right . . . paper.

They look like expensive glass Pandora beads but they are actually made of paper.

Making paper beads is fun and a great way to recycle junk mail, newspapers or magazines. Or, you can use pre-designed paper or design your own using white paper and markers.

Step 1: Materials Needed

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Paper Cutter

Rotary Cuter

Aleene's Fast Drying Tacky Glue Glue Pen; any white glue will do but I like using glue pens because they are easy to use

Bead Roller - I prefer using an 'F' size crochet hook because when done the center bead hole is the correct size for a 4mm eyelet, but you can use any cylinder object like straws or metal/wooden dowel rods

4mm Eyelets

Embossing Powder

Embossing Ink Pad

Embossing Heat Tool OR a cheap hair dryer on low setting

Tooth picks

Step 2: Style of Beads

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You can create many different styles of paper beads but for this instructable we will focus on the 'oval' bead

Step 3:

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Using 12-inch long paper, cut 1/2 inch wide paper strips to form long rectangle shapes

Step 4:

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Like in the previous step, using 12-inch long paper, cut 1/2 inch wide paper strips to form long rectangle shapes, then cut diagonally end to end to form long triangle shapes

Step 5:

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Using a rectangle shaped paper strip, begin rolling paper over the bottom end of the crochet hook. Continue rolling the paper around the hook, making sure to keep the paper taut and the sides even

Step 6:

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Dab a bit of glue at the end and continue rolling. Then hold end down for a few seconds while glue dries

Step 7:

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Remove bead from crochet hook and add a dab of glue just past the end of the roll. With a triangle shaped paper strip, place the larger end over glue butting pieces end-to-end and hold down for a few seconds then begin rolling

Step 8:

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Roll all the way to the end of the triangle making sure the paper stays centered on the bead. Place a small dab of glue onto the end of the paper and continue to roll. Hold for a few seconds while the glue dries a bit

Step 9: Coating Your Beads With Embossing Powder

Embossing powders are typically used for stamping or drawing onto card stock or paper with heat-embossing-friendly ink, then covering the inked area with special powder that melts when heat is applied with a heat gun or heat tool. But we're going to use this wonderful medium to create that glass-like, glossy look to our paper beads

Step 10:

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1) Place paper bead on a tooth pick and roll it over the embossing ink pad. Do this several times to ensure the bead is completely coated

2) Immediately sprinkle embossing powder over the bead

3) Gently spin the bead under the heat until the powder turns to a liquid and continue to spin the bead for an even distribution

4) Before the liquid dries (or hardens) sprinkle with more embossing powder and heat again

NOTE: If the powder hardness between steps, just heat again or reapply embossing ink

5) Repeat three (3) times

NOTE: This step takes a little practice so don't disrepair if the beads don't look quite right at first

Step 11:

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Let beads cool or harden before continuing to the next step. I like using my old colander for this step, but you can use anything you like as long as you let the beads rest or cool for a bit before handling

Step 12: Adding the Eyelet

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Draw a bit of glue around the end of the bead and place an eyelet in the hole and press and hold for a few seconds. Repeat for the other side of the bead

Step 13: Ta-da

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You can use these beautiful beads to create necklaces, brackets or Rosary's like I did here.


beneluxbr (author)2017-08-11

Great! I've heard about paper beads before, but the eyelet trick and the embossing thing were awesome add-ons! Will make a komboloi...

KarenK116 (author)beneluxbr2017-08-14

Thanks, Yes I think the eyelets finish them off. I had to look up what a komboloi was :). I might have to make myself one now :)

joknrok (author)2017-02-26

this made my day! especially the embossing powder, which I've never heard of before... been looking for this type of glazing for enamel /cloisonné (sp?) effect, & the liquid resin options are never right.. if it sets with just low heat on a hair drier, how does this finish stand up to, say, sitting on a car dashboard in hot sun?

KarenK116 (author)joknrok2017-02-27

Hi Joknrok, This material is pretty durable but I have never put it in a hot environment. I'm guessing it would hold up. Let me know if you try it.

WadCutter1 (author)2017-02-26

May I ask where you got the paper for this project. I can't find paper with this pattern. Thank you. Very beautiful. wc

KarenK116 (author)WadCutter12017-02-26

I got the paper at a local craft store, Hobby Lobby. The stock all kinds of paper. If you have a Hobby Lobby near you, check it out

KarenK116 (author)KarenK1162017-02-26

thanks WC :)

apapercraft (author)2017-02-25

This is amazingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing. What do you use as the string?

KarenK116 (author)apapercraft2017-02-26

I got the string from a local craft store, Hobby Lobby In the jewelry making section. It's a black stretchy material used for bracelets and necklaces

BigRed1973 (author)2017-02-23

Those are gorgeous!!! Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your talent.....

KarenK116 (author)BigRed19732017-02-23

Thanks you and they are fun to make. :)

chicgeekmsw (author)2017-02-22

Very nice!

KarenK116 (author)chicgeekmsw2017-02-23


watchmeflyy (author)2017-02-23

Nice trick with the embossing powder!

KarenK116 (author)watchmeflyy2017-02-23

:) Thanks, It works great

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