Glove Box "Fast Food" Napkin Holder


Introduction: Supplies

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• scissors
• duct tape
• glue gun
• glue sticks
• cardboard
• box knife
• velcro
• wrapping (foam sheet)

Step 1: Cutting the Cardboard

Cut cardboard to desired size that will fit your clove box..

My box:

• 1 5x8"
• 2 2x8"
• 2 2x5 1/4"
• 2 1x8"

Note: it would be wise to make box pieces a little longer for later editing.

Step 2: Putting the Box Together

1. Use glue gun to assemble all pieces of the box...

2. You will be making a durable box with an open bottom. The open bottom will allow you to add the extra napkins.

Step 3: Let's Make This Durable

Add duct tape to make this customized box durable and long lasting.

Use your gift wrapping skills!!

Step 4: Velcro

Add your strip of self adhesive Velcro to the 1x8" back piece.

Note: The image shows this done prior to the cover. It's ok to do the step later.

Step 5: Cover

You can use any fabric, wrapping paper, gift bag, or in my case foam sheets to customize the appearance.

1. Wrap the box leaving the open side uncovered.

2. Use hot glue to adhere your cover.

3. Cut out whole so you can easily grab a napkin or two.

Step 6: Final



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    This is very creative! I know how it is to have so many loose napkins in the glove box crushed together but I don't want to throw them away because I know I'll need one....

    Thanks for sharing!

    Nicely done. Great idea!