Glove Light





Introduction: Glove Light

The secret behind the magic is a magneticly triggered switch at the base of the
Thumb, which I placed inside a brass tube to protect the thin glass from breaking.
The brass works well because it doesn?t interfere with the magnetic force.
I found a small (3mm) ultrabright LED that fits neatly in the tip of the index finger.
and a small magnet in tip of second finger.
The battery pack is home made out of plastic, screws, two 3 V batteries, contacts, etc.
The light is switched on by pointing with index finger and bring second finger to the base of the thumb.

Step 1: Connections

Solder wires to reed swithch LED and battery pack. Insilate connectiond with swrink tubing. Sew each component into clothbags or tubes. Open hem of glove.

Step 2: Sew Components Into Glove. Restich Hem.

Step 3: Bring Second Finger Containg Magnet to Base of Thumb and LED Will Light.

Step 4: Demo

A small LED can produce a bright light.



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    Great idea but can you please update the instructable with more pictures or more instructions? I really want to make this!

    Nice idea. You might update the instructable with more pictures of construction and finished product. I had a hard time understanding what you were talking about because you start the instructable with how the device works and not what it does. Good idea on protecting the reed switch in a metal casing.

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    When I uploaded my glove light it had more pictures but someone at Instructables deleted them. The real neat part is the stealth nature of the light hidden in the index finger and the secret reed switch in the thumb seam so that just pointing turns on the light.

    Any chance you can re-post the pics or take new ones?

    I really like the idea of bionic clothing that triggers events based on body position. In this case it sounds like a certain hand position turns the tip of your index finger into a flashlight. Do you have to say Go-Go-Gadget-Flashlight to make it work?


    I made the gloves for a sick friend and don't have a chance to photograph them but as step 3 states, bring the second finger (Which contains a magnet) to the base of the thumb (which contains normally open reed switch) to turns on white LED. Based on a normal hand position for pointing.

    As a Sgt in a Detention Center we do alot of cell searches with gloves this is a great idea ....... make it work and show some more

    glove light OoO Like in spongebob. Only in there is was more like a rubber glove attached to a flash light.

    This is kind of similar to an idea i had a few years ago. instead of lighting an led, each finger would sound a differant sound effect (i.e. applause, boo's, the waow waow waoooow sound followed by "YOU SUCK", etc.) recorded on one of those small 5 second voice recorders played though a larger speaker on the back of the hand. never made it though. maybe i should and start a new project here.

    You can buy these in stores.