Picture of Glove Mounted Soldering Station
This project is a basically a sleeve/glove mounted cordless soldering station I built using mostly reused materials.  It has two "helping hands", a flashlight, soldering iron, a magnetic soldering spool holder, and runs off some old laptop batteries. I mounted it on a sock sewn to a glove that I had lost the other left hand, and used elastic straps from a broken pair of suspenders. Right now I'm charging the batteries off of an AC wall adapter but I'm currently working on solar charger for it and my other power tools. 

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials Used

"Trash"/Dumpster Dived:
4 cells from Laptop Battery Pack 
Assorted Switches
Electric Screwdriver with broken gearbox
A bit, 8mm to be exact, that I stripped horribly being foolish and trying it on a nut that didn't quite fit.
Remaining Right Hand Fingerless Glove from an Old Costume
Black Sock that had holes in the toe
Flexible Wire that remains in place after being positioned
Bracket that I found on road, bent it straight then bent into spool holder for Solder Roll
Coiled cord from old cell phone car charger-that kind that streches out and coils back like a corded land-line phone.
small diameter electrical wires scavenged from various things that I've dumpster dived

Purchased New:
Soldering Iron Tip
E-10 Lamp Base/Socket
Roll of Electrical Tape
Small Alligator Clips

Small Screwdrivers
Soldering Iron
5-Minute Epoxy
Wire Strippers
androkai1 year ago
hey can i get schematics for the charging battery thing.
go go gadget solder arm! haha
Patrick S2 years ago
Acrobatics while soldering may now be possible.
fondyin2 years ago
Only change I would make( just for myself) is to mount the tip of the soldering iron in a shield to keep from burning myself. It is the coolest soldering station I have seen and I will be doing something similar soon.
onrust2 years ago
Robo solder on!
FoamboardRC2 years ago
Dude you rock! That's totally awesome!
mikeasaurus2 years ago
This should be part of a Maker Superhero outfit. Nicely done!
KlockworkKevin (author)  mikeasaurus2 years ago
I know right? I thought I should make a solar panel shoulderpad to charge it and just go full weird Mad Maxy with it
crapflinger2 years ago
Edward solderhands