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    Ever hold your hand up to your eye and wish it was a real telescope? I did, but instead of wishing I decided to make one. I wanted to put a pair of lens on a telescope with hinges so that at any point I can pull out the lens and use my hand like a telescope. I hope you enjoy the 'ibile and don't forget to vote!

    Step 1: Materials

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    The materials you'll need for this project are:

    • Some type of small telescope(we'll get in to exactly what type next step)
    • A dremel(if you can take the lens out of your telescope without it then you don't need it)
    • Scissors
    • Hot glue gun
    • A glove(duh)

    Step 2: Taking the Lens Out

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    I used the lens from an old watch telescope, but any telescope no bigger than your palm should work. My lens already had hinges on the lens but if yours don't just add them. First, I broke apart the bottom of my watch with a flathead screwdriver. Then, sense I didn't have a screwdriver small enough to unscrew the rest of the screws I used a drill bit on my dremel to destroy the screws. I then, took out all the electronics and cut off the band that goes around your wrist. Using the dremel I cut off the lens but made sure to keep the hinges. Try to take out the lens from your telescope without damaging them.

    Step 3: Attaching the Lens

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    Measure the best distance between the lens and cut out that much tape. Then put the tape where you want it on the glove and cut the glove at each end. Then slip the bottom of the hinges through the cuts.

    Step 4: Stabilizing It

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    Now, turn the glove inside-out and hot-glue pieces of cardboard to the back of the hinges. Wait for it to dry, turn it back to normal and its ready to work!


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    How far can you see with it?

    Not very far but its mostly just for fun. Id say it adds another 15 feet to your vision.

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