Glove Box Entertainment System





Introduction: Glove Box Entertainment System

I decided to make this system the simplest way I know how without any soldering or special tools.

Step 1:

First cut out a piece of quarter inch wood and sand it down until it fits snugly inside the glove box. You want a snug fit so there is no need to glue or screw it in place.

Step 2: The Face Panel

Now cut holes so the USB keyboard and screen have a comfortable place to live. to keep the screen in place i just used a length of wire. This will allow the passenger to alter the viewing angle. Staple, glue. or tack a thin piece of plywood behind the hole for the keyboard to keep the keyboard from falling through. Make sure you cut a finger notch so you can remove the keyboard.

Step 3: Plug It In

Then plug it all in. At the moment I am using a 9 volt battery to power the screen because I'm not sure which car it will be in. Once I decide its permanent place I will wire it to the fuse box. I am running the Raspberry Pi off a USB car charger in order to keep the build simple.

Step 4: Enjoy

Place the face panel in place and enjoy. At the moment I am running Rasbian, but i think I will switch to Raspbmc. If you don't know how to mount the OS to the SD card I would suggest watching a tutorial on YouTube. This is only meant to be used by the passenger, never by the driver.

Step 5:



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    Where did you purchase the screen ? awesome idea

    2 replies

    It is a 4.3 inch reverse camera monitor off of

    awesome thank you, brilliant idea to keep my nephews occupied

    This is a great idea! Now those long road trips will no longer be filled with boredom. Now I can work on my raspberry pi on the go.

    Really cool! I love this! Could you post how you made and programmed the electronics ? It would be amazing! I love your idea! Very creative!