Glove Type Diaper





Introduction: Glove Type Diaper

Thinking about changing diaper for a baby, to slide your hand under a baby’s bottom is easy, but to slide a diaper under the baby’s bottom would not so easy especially when the baby is wriggling or moving. If a diaper can be worn on your hand as a glove, to put the diaper will as easy as to slide a hand under baby’s bottom.
This is what I did. Simply attach one piece of fabric on a diaper, to make a glove type diaper. Wear it on a hand, slide under baby’s bottom and fasten the diaper around baby. It’s very helpful to wear diaper for baby.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

A diaper
A piece of same or similar kind fabric as the diaper
Needle and thread or glue

Step 2: Cut Fabric and Fix on Diaper

Cut a piece of the fabric in rectangle 5”x3”. Put the piece of fabric on the back and upper edge of the diaper. Sew or glue the fabric in M shape to get two cavities to receive fingers.

Step 3: Finish View



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    I agree this would be best for diaper production companies but this is a strong update concept they (Huggies, Pampers, etc) should consider... Great idea!

    Interresting idea, although I think it'd be tedious work to do that on every single diaper... Then again, this could be a lifesaver in certain situations, say when you're out and have to change diapers on the backseat of a car and the young one tries to escape... Thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    Yes, I agree. This idea is not good for single piece. It's better for producer...but they don't care small improvement. For me, I only want to show some ideas. Thank you!