Maker : Deepak
: Banjaraplya E4D Makerspace

I did this gloving flower LED in Banjaraplya E4D Makers pace.


  1. LEDs
  2. Wires
  3. paper
  4. Battery holder and battery
  5. Switch


  1. Electric tape
  2. Solder

Step 1: Make the Flower

Make the flower has shown in image.

Step 2: Fix the Wires to Battery

Fix the wires to battery has shown in image.

Step 3: Put the Switch

Put the switch has shown in image.

Step 4: Fix the LED

Fix the LEDs to the wires has shown in the image.

Step 5: Put the LEDs Into Flower

Put the LEDs into the hole in the flower has shown in image.

Step 6: Finally My Project

Finally my project is finish and it look like this.

<p>nice try kid</p>
thank you
<p>Be happy and put it in bedroom and see how ti look like.</p>

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