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For my first instructable I decided to make an ornament for Christmas. Please feel free to make yours for the holiday of your choice. It's not too quick, but it is easy, and I was happy with the way mine turned out.

Step 1: Get Your Stuff

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Not a lot is needed.
4 wire coat hangers
1 string of mini lights
1 roll of duct tape

Step 2:

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Bend the Coat hangers into a circle.

Step 3:

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Tape all four hangers together turned 45 degrees apart.
Bend the hook part of the hanger to align all four individual hooks to make one heavy duty hook.

Step 4:

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Tape minilights to the wire frame. I found 3/4" x 4" strips of duct tape worked best.

Step 5:

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Finished ornament is ready to hang and plug in.
Original instructions were on my site


kitten66 (author)2012-01-05

This instuctable got me thinking....Using just 2 wire hangers form the shape of a star and follow through just like this glow ball..

laserline (author)kitten662012-01-05

Yeah, That would be cool. If you want to make a lot of them, you could make a bending jig from a board and a few dowels.
Thanks for adding to this, I think I'll try it myself.
FWIW: these are a lot better than my horrible photography.

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