Step 1: The Supplies

A lighter
Crochet needle and hook
Measuring tape
Glow in the dark paracord (whatever color)
Regular paracord (again whatever color)
5/8 clip
if u take forceps and pull the cord back underneath the braid u can burn them and hide them making a over all better looking piece and no irritation to you beloved animals
<p>The expression on your dog's face is priceless!</p>
Okay thank you
You can get it online or call ahead to your local military surplus store
Where do you get the glow in the dark paracord
One thing you missed on required items; dog. Lol
<p>,If you don't own a dog, It should work on a cat as well. </p>
My wiener dogs(7) are Black and Tan.

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Bio: I am a paracord fanatic who has mastered the art. I am a good shot. Love Marvel and DC comics. I'm a Boy Scout ... More »
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