Picture of Glow-In-The-Dark Epoxy!! Light up your workshop!
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Glow in the dark epoxy has a MILLION awesome uses. Put it on light switches, tools, or even your clothes!

The process is pretty simple, so I'll try to make this 'ible as short as possable.

Make sure you see the second image below, it's animated (and therefore totally awesome.)

Step 1: What You NeedGl

Picture of What You NeedGl
Glow powder (source)
 2 part Loctite Clear Epoxy
Toothpick (to mix the epoxy with)
Stuff to Glowify
just wondering if this is really toxic at all ? link if i had a glow in the hard beed made of this stuff and one of my nieces or some other small child eat one or more of the beads if there would be a reason to rush them to the hospital

what if i mixed the glow powder with varnish or paint? should still work pretty well i would imagine?
paqrat3 years ago
Have you tried mixing the powder with the resin without the hardener? Seems it would make the hardener mixing part a lot simpler.
where oh where do you come up with such amazing ideas? you get a "glowing" report from me
nepheron (author)  porcupinemamma4 years ago
These ideas come from my incredibly messy workshop.
The combination of crumbled paper, chemicals, and strange materials have achieved sentience and they tell me these ideas when I sleep.
jk :)
ahh, I see I'm not the only one who knows better than to clean the studio.
nullandvoid4 years ago
this is awesome gives me a few ideas namely for the table i want to make using some liquor bottles as the table top :D
l8nite4 years ago
that is pretty bad 2 the bone! where do u get the glow pwdr ?
nepheron (author)  l8nite4 years ago
I recommend the green powder because it's the brightest. The powder comes in 1 ounce baggies, and that's enough powder to last a lifetime.
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sadly GlowNation.com is not there anymore...
Here's another link :)
no "W" on the end of glow  http://glonation.com
nepheron (author)  somebullcrap4 years ago
yeah, sorry :D
capital idea though
axando4 years ago
nice one :p one question...
can you blend those glow-in-the-dark stars in a blender? :p
i don't know if i could get it in Belgium :p
nepheron (author)  axando4 years ago
If you do some research, I'm sure you could find a european seller. Just look for ''glow powder''

However, you may be able to dissolve the glowing stars in chemicals if you could find out what they are made of...but those stars don't glow very long. High quality glow powder can glow for over 10 hours.
lemonie4 years ago
Very nice, you could do so much with this?


Why didn't I think of this. So many possibilities!
nepheron (author)  Tool Using Animal4 years ago
One time I filled a clear acrylic tube with the epoxy and drilled a hole for a lanyard. Re-usable glow stick!
Excellent idea, car/bike keys, tent pegs, a great idea at bike rallies where clubs have flag poles, even my lot would find their way back to a glow in the dark flag pole :-) & it would stand up to a lot more wear & tear than glow in the dark paint.
nepheron (author)  Nostalgic Guy4 years ago
Glow in the dark epoxy is pure awesome. Way more durable then paint, and it looks shiny like a gem when it cures :D
This is great!!! I'm making some tonight. Ohhhh I can't wait.