Picture of Glow In The Dark Miniature
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You need
1.a small jar
2. Glow in the dark color ( blue and green)
3. A small plastic tree ( can be found on art store that sell models part)
4. wooden skewer
5. Scissors
6.a styrofoam ball
7. glue ( pick one that doesn't melt your styrofoam, I used a gel glue)
8. Grass plate ( can also found in art shop for modeling kits)

Step 2: Painting Stars

Picture of Painting Stars
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With the wood skewer( or any other way you can think) paint tiny dots from the inside of your jar

Step 3: Cut Cut Cut!!

Picture of Cut Cut Cut!!
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Cut your styrofoam ball in half and putt him in the back side of the grass plate, than mark with a pen the radius of the ball... Now make another circle about 1.5 cm wide from the current mark... Mark the middle of the circle on the grass plate and cut to the middle

Step 4: Glue Glue Glue!

Picture of Glue Glue Glue!
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14, 07:56.jpg
Now glue your grass on the styrofoam... Wait till dry... And pierce the ball in the middle so that your tree will stand on the grass hill... Put some glue on the bottom of the jar and glue your mini hill!!... Done!! You can't really see the picture in the dark cause I used my phone camera and the quality is poor... That's my first instructable feedbacks are welcome
tofu9116 months ago
Cute mini. I like the grass mound.